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return "New Class: #LIGHT_GREEN#Corruptor (Corrupter)",
[[Every power has a dark side, including the arcane forces.
Corruptors are mages that deal in dark, blighted, demonic magic to attain their goals.
Not all of them are evil, though; some are simply selfish and concerned only with their own power.

You have been taught their ways by the Grand Corruptor and can now create new characters with the #LIGHT_GREEN#Corruptor class#WHITE#.

Corruptors are spellcasters, ranged attackers using magic.
Class features:#YELLOW#
- Plague your foes with deadly and contagious diseases
- Hex and curse your foes, hindering and withering them away
- Sap the life of your victims to heal yourself
- Master demonic energies to burn and destroy. You can even summon a part of the demon plane, the Fearscape, to trap your foes.#WHITE#

Corruptors use "vim" to power their special abilities.
Vim is the life force of all beings. It does not regenerate, and can only be stolen from your foes.