CREDITS 679 Bytes
- Shoob for many NPCs, much playtesting and ideas
- Madmonk for much playtesting and ideas
- Jules Bean for his help on the OpenGL code and quite a few other things
- Neil Stevens for a Mac build

- David Gervais tiles
- Andreas Kosh for more tiles

- Reenen Laurie
- Cosmic Gerbil
- "Duegar Requiem" by "quasit"
- "Azog's march II" by "jice"
- "The Way Your Journey Ends" by "Tom Quinn"
- "Space Odyssey" by "Niko"
- "A lomos del dragón blanco" by "Carlos Saura"

- My dear wife who is not bothered by my coding frenzy :)
- The good people at who made the world a better place
- J.R.R. Tolkien who made the world an interresting place