SDLMain.h 917 Bytes
/*   SDLMain.m - main entry point for our Cocoa-ized SDL app
       Initial Version: Darrell Walisser <>
       Non-NIB-Code & other changes: Max Horn <>

    Feel free to customize this file to suit your needs

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

/* Portions of CPS.h */
typedef struct CPSProcessSerNum
    UInt32 lo;
    UInt32 hi;
} CPSProcessSerNum;

extern OSErr CPSGetCurrentProcess( CPSProcessSerNum *psn);
extern OSErr CPSEnableForegroundOperation( CPSProcessSerNum *psn, UInt32 _arg2, UInt32 _arg3, UInt32 _arg4, UInt32 _arg5);
extern OSErr CPSSetFrontProcess( CPSProcessSerNum *psn);

static int gArgc;
static char **gArgv;
static BOOL gFinderLaunch;
static BOOL gCalledAppMainline = FALSE;

@interface SDLApplication : NSApplication

@interface SDLMain : NSObject

/* This is needed in Tiger */
@interface NSApplication(PrBoom)
- (void)setAppleMenu:(NSMenu *)menu;