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++ fearscape invasion portal: demons pouring out: enter the demon gate; end up in orbit on a fearscape bit of land floating in space and destroy the master demon there
++ naga invasion portal: nagas pouring out: enter the water portal; end up in a water cave (provide air bubbles) and defeat the naga leader
++ 3 pedesrals, stay on each for 3 turns; each time a rare pops; when all 3 dead a portal pops and a randboss pops from it
++ a few tombstones that can be interraced with; if disturbed a random undead (rare or randboss) may pop
++ old battle field: many tombs in close space, if disturbed the player falls into the ground into a small cave; for 100 turns undeads pop faster and faster, if survived a pile of treasure is generated
++ damp cave: filled with thieves & bandits with some rares; uses building generator; hosts a pile of gems
++ drake "nest", a few hatclings around a stair; inside is a cave with wyrms
++ hole in the ground with rats around it, inside are undead rats with their boss the ratlich
++ level wide thunderstorm, reducing sight/lite/.. range by half; making the level dark; random lighting strike the ground, sometimes poping an elemental
++ a huge meteor falls near the player, destroying anything and poping losgoroths
** 7 neutral cultists are spread on the level with a back stone nearby; when one is killed a timer starts, if all killed before timer is out a stair to a secret cave is revealed with an artifact inside
* a necromancer starts on the other side of the level (not on boss levels); kills npcs, when enough killed he makes a huge bone golem rare
* zone appropriate battle fields: yeachs vs. yeeks; zigur vs corrupters, ...
* abandonned sher'tul ruin, full of horrors; sometimes a half working farportal (requires the orb to use, not an exploratory one) which connects to somewhere
* crystalized forest: only in forests; take a groove and replace trees with crystals, when entered crytals npcs keep poping up from the walls
* a randboss corruptor or reaver walks around randomly, anything nearby gets corrupted
* sismic danger: paches of lava & volcanos have poped in the level, someimes fire elementals errupt from it
* space fissure: enter it and you get in a temporal mess, with paradox mages & temporal wardens fighting an ever growing number of gwel/telugoroths; after X turns they are saved and give you a reward; or you are all dead
* abandonned alchemist camp: inactive golems & gems; when picking up gems tthe golems all awaken
* worldmap: a "town", full of normal npcs, but hey all have a hidden diease, after X turns tthey turn into ghouls and all come on the player
* elven tomb, with mummies