WARNING: This XCode project is very out of date, and has not been able to compile the Mac port for some time. Please compile using the command line instead, with something like "premake4 --lua=jit2 gmake; make config=release". See for more details on prerequisites and compilation. In addition to those prerequisites, you will also need the binaries for the Ogg, Vorbis, and libpng libraries. You may find it easier to take them from an already existing Mac version of ToME (v1.0 or later).

Note that you will have to piece together the yourself as well, as the one generated on the command line is empty except for the actual executable. (If you're having trouble finding it, due to the copy at the end failing, look in your t-engine4/build directory.) Do NOT use your mostly-empty .app generated from the command line as the final .app, as this .app does not seem to work even when it is filled with the right resources. Instead, please download a previous Mac version of ToME (v1.0 or later) and replace the files/folders within with those from your source tree (if they exist).