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** LuaProfiler
** Copyright Kepler Project 2005-2007 (
** $Id: core_profiler.h,v 1.6 2007/08/22 19:23:53 carregal Exp $

   Lua version independent profiler interface.
   Responsible for handling the "enter function" and "leave function" events
   and for writing the log file.

Design (using the Lua callhook mechanism) :
   'lprofP_init_core_profiler' set up the profile service
   'lprofP_callhookIN'         called whenever Lua enters a function
   'lprofP_callhookOUT'        called whenever Lua leaves a function

#include "stack.h"

/* computes new stack and new timer */
void lprofP_callhookIN(lprofP_STATE* S, char *func_name, char *file, int linedefined, int currentline);

/* pauses all timers to write a log line and computes the new stack */
/* returns if there is another function in the stack */
int  lprofP_callhookOUT(lprofP_STATE* S);

/* opens the log file */
/* returns true if the file could be opened */
lprofP_STATE* lprofP_init_core_profiler(const char *_out_filename, int isto_printheader, float _function_call_time);

/* used in lua50_profiler.c */
void lprofP_close_core_profiler(lprofP_STATE* S);