• 1. slightly reduce the mana cost of Phase Door, it's somewhat too much for a basic mobility talent;
    2. remove the 35% failure rate of teleport, increase the mana cost, cooldown and reduce accuracy instead;
    3. makes it possible to open vaults while Probability Travel is sustained
    btw, makes Body of Stone not break when bumping to attack others
    yutio888 authored
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  • Simplify green_screen shader check
    Change Blood Rush’s bleed calculation to work the same as Blood Bath and Scoundrel.  Lowered bleed multiplier.
    Fixed scaling of Bullseye so that it affects more than 0 talents.
    Fix Collapse triggering critical hits even if it was aimed so that it couldn’t be cast.
    Self-Judgement applies against damage from effects, such as Greater Weapon Focus.
    Taint of Purging is marked as a quest item like all other alchemist rewards.
    Recaiden authored
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