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* RSS feed of events in a character's life, exportable to FB
* auto-leveling for beginners/lazy
* sleep => replace all talents with spcial dream talents, freeze all tmp effects
* donator's fight club
* sub-tile entities, like the spiders for the arachnomancer: split a tile in 16 (4x4)
* fun caster egos: apply/change tthe cross-tier effects o some things funky
* server spawned events hat are time-locked, granting online "points"
* donators could maybe select one of the donator tile as their "avatar" and have it appear in chat .. hum

* special rare spawns in special places taht grant special vanity things that stay on
* personal server events ? pushed under certain conditions from the server ? hum

* kryl'feijan update: can join up with the demon/acolytes => fight a group of adventurer

* boss spell: lightning that follow slowly
* "male melinda", he lives in derth, picked up a strange rune in the old forest and it embeded on him. he stumbled upon some extremist 
ziguranth that mobbed him and will burn him when the player arrives. she can join them or rescue him. later he is back in derth and a potential 
love interrest. There must be a way of getting his rune off to use it