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  • 1.6 Prodigies
    This is a rework/buff of whatever prodigies I happened to have inspiration for. This does not address the known overpowered prodigies (basically, the weapon prodigies) for now because that will have to be evaluated later in 1.6 after the weapon changes. For that reason, the numbers are not too tightly tuned yet, but its fair to call it done for the time being.
    This also adds support for multi-turn turn_procs and adds 2 helper functions for managing them, and a not_listed property for legacy prodigies.
    Shield Block:  Revised here as it effects multiple prodigies.
    - Cooldown is now set to 8 and talent no longer scales.  This leaves room for talents/items/whatever to play with the cooldown if desired.
    - Applied after resistances in the same place most flat damage reductions are
    - Blocks all damage types baseline but increases the block value by 50% if the shield has a matching elemental resist to the damage
    - Lasts for 2 turns or until the start of your next turn instead of at the end of the current tick when something is blocked.  The problem with the end of tick design is it lets small damage values (a DoT, a trash mob..) potentially strip your block in a way that is very hard to predict.  This also encourages you to not take hits from more than 1 target.. Which the entire game already encourages.
    - Counterstrike now only applies to the first enemy blocked due to the previous change.
    Spectral Shield:  Removed, redundant with the shield changes.
    Eternal Guard:  Now makes Block last 2 game turns no matter what and allows you to counterattack any number of enemies.  
    Meteoric Crash: 
    - No longer damages allies or destroys walls. Both of these are significant downsides that aren't reasonable for a prodigy, especially one that procs uncontrollably. So now it doesn't.
    - Damage on the initial hit is greatly reduced, but the lava radius is now 3 and deals significantly higher damage that can crit. I wanted to buff this as a "damage scaler" without letting it have a huge initial burst damage value, since having significant damage only if they stay in the ground effect is more interesting.
    - Lets your fire damage and penetration use your highest stats.  The importance of damage% and damage pen% paired with the high numbers of damage types in the game makes it hard for most builds to use this, and some builds might find other uses for the unification.
    Eye of the Tiger: Now can proc once per turn per talent type instead of once per turn. Minor update to make this more attractive to hybrids.
    Elemental Surge/Endless Woes: Significant redesign. Now the damage threshold doesn't have to be met in the same turn (but is cleared out of combat) and each of the procs has an independent player turn cooldown. Note that being a player turn cooldown means that the cooldown can be directly reduced with high action speed, but this is not fundamentally different from how many existing uses of turn_procs scale anyway.
    The idea here is for these prodigies to reward using multiple damage types by incentivizing you to keep as many of them on cooldown as possible. AoEs can do this somewhat easily in a lot of cases. The effects have been redone a fair bit as well but the Surge = self buff and Endless Woes = debuff is kept.
    Irresistable Sun: The problem here is that the utility of pulling things towards you isn't that great in the beneficial scenarios, and very often its a downside. The concept is cool though, so rather than change it, it now applies a very brief -30% damage debuff to anything effected. The damage is kept the sane, though it is spread out over an addditional 2 turns to reinforce its role as utility rather than burst damage.
    Flexible Combat: 
    - Moved to Dex (swapping with Giant Leap)
    - Proc chance reduced by half to 30%, this will often be in exchange for multiple proc chances
    - Activation moved to attackTargetHitProcs.  This is to fix a long standing issue where Flexible Combat arbitrarily works with attackTarget but not attackTargetWith, a mechanical distinction only someone that looks at the code can really figure out the implications of.
    Unbreakable Will: Cooldown reduced.
    Fast as Lightning: Removed. Nothing about this talent concept is working, and I'd like to gradually phase out and replace some of the worst prodigies rather than try to beat it into working.
    New Prodigy - Adept: Increases all talent masteries by 0.3.
    Mystical Cunning:  If you're going to take a prodigy this narrow it should probably buff the relevant talents more.
    - Grants 1.0 talent mastery for Poisons and Trapping
    - Reduces Lure and Venomous Strike cooldown
    Secrets of Telos:  Fixed the level range of Telos's Staff Crystal making it easily get removed from drop tables.  A lot of items have this problem (capping in the L40 range instead of 50).
    New Prodigy - Ethereal Form.  Increases all damage dealt and reduces all damage taken until hit with weapons as well as giving bonus defense based on Magic.  
    See merge request !473
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  • - No longer deals damage in real time (this allows it to be dodged if turns are taken fast enough, surprisingly common)
    - Lava damage is now saved on terrain and hopefully no longer breaks on reload
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  • - Talent categories now parse their type ("Category / Subcategory") to put Category in its own field so you don't have to repeatedly parse the string.  This is useful for giving all Psionic/x talent categories a bonus, etc
    - Add a new property ActorTalents.talents_mastery_bonus that lets you define a mastery bonus for all talents or all talents of one category
    - Fix getTalentLevel not using getTalentMastery
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  • Doing this here because another prodigy has to be replaced as its behavior is being baselined.
    - Block now happens after resists where most of the flat damage reduction does
    - Block cooldown fixed to 6 and later ranks of Block removed
    - All damage types except Mind are now blocked baseline, if the shield has damage resistance then the block value is increased by 50%
    - Fixed/clarified tooltips
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  • I can't figure out why I felt this was necessary in retrospect.
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  • Add setProc and hasProc for managing turn_procs
    Add a not_listed property to hide prodigies from the UI (mark as legacy)
    Redesign/update Irresistable Sun, Endless Woes, Elemental Surge, Eye of the Tiger, Meteoric Crash prodigies
    Remove Fast as Lightning
    Add a new Adept prodigy that increases all masteries
    Move Giant Leap to Strength
    Move Flexible Combat to Dexterity
    Change how Flexible Combat procs
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  • 1.6 charms
    Added a new "unique_ego" flag that indicates that an ego should only be applied to the same item once.  This is just used on a few charm buff procs at the moment, but I want it for some future stuff like weapon procs that don't stack nicely.
    (CHARMS - Totems, Torques, Wands)
    This system is a mess currently.  Most of the actives are boring damage effects that tend to be overpowered early and useless later paired with an "addon" effect that often gives a uselessly small resource gain on activation or a set of bonus talents.  The bonus talents are given as actual talents not part of the charm active which leads to a lot of weird clutter and gained resource bars.  As best I can tell, these talents were just taken from random places, not designed for this actual system.
    The addon talents and resource gains have been completely removed.  The new design focuses on the single active power of the charm talent by condensing all of the power there .  Each of the new addon powers gives a small but generally always useful on_charm effect that scales via standard resolvers.  +x% damage penetration until the end of your next turn, reduce x talent cooldowns, heal for x, etc.  Thus, each charm is a composite of 1 powerful active effect and some set of moderately powerful addon effects.
    One exception to this is the Ward addon, which is kept for Wands (removed from the others as Ward is Arcane).  This is because Ward is on several other item types and they all interact with the same Ward talent, the stacking talent level of which is also relevant.
    The charm powers themselves are also considerably revamped.  Originally I was going to go for a heavily utility-based model emphasizing how easy it is to swap charms in and out based on need.  It quickly became apparent that there aren't enough misc utility effects here for this to be the core of the model.  Instead, the new charm pool is mostly "offensive utility"--things that do relevant damage at all phases of the game but usually have a utility or defensive purpose as well.  I've tried to avoid overlapping with the Inscription system ether in power or role as much as possible.  Cleanse in particular is almost absent in this slot aside from minor debuffs.
    The powers for the charm types are spell, mind, and mind.  This leaves physical power in an awkward situation.  I handled this the same way the old system did:  Physical power gets screwed here, but this is offset by the fact that a lot of the relevant stats on charms are mostly based off the charm_power, not the thematic power.  Stat-specific scaling has mostly been changed to the relevant power, and apply powers all use the most thematic.
    (Totem Powers)
    Healing:  Now heals all allies in AoE10 as well.  Not a lot of item support for protecting your summons, this seemed as good a plce to put it as any.
    Stinging:  Spiritual successor to Insidious Poison.  This deals high single target damage in DoT form and reduces healing by 50%.  This is also a hit, not a bolt, so it also serves as long range backline damage.
    Thorny Skin:  No notable changes.
    Summon Tentacle:  Replaces the old one which just used Grgglck's talent.  The old tentacle has always been useful early game because it starts with crazy stats and is good for blocking paths and such.  The new one expands on this theme by having a basic attack at range 3 that pins, essentially making this a low damage "space control" charm.
    (Torque Powers)
    Psionic Shield:  Merged, now blocks all elements, numbers adjusted to compensate.  This is actually quite useful on live even though few people use it because its so micromanagey.  Since this slot already has Wards around for the micromanagement inclined I'm more comfortable having this be generally useful and reliable.
    Gale Force:  AoE damage+knockback in a cone.  Scaled knockback range gets pretty huge.
    Clear Mind:  No notable changes.  This is important for Undead in particular.
    Mindblast:  Deals mind damage to a single target and silences.
    Lightning Storm:  Deals lightning damage in radius ~5 and dazes for 1 turn each tick.  The idea here is a low damage backline AoE disable.
    Conjuration:  Now picks its damage type on generation instead of on cast.  This allows you to keep high damage conjuration wands around for specific damage type needs.
    Clairvoyance:  Same for now.  This is quite useful until you have a reliable source of Track or whatever.  It doesn't play well with the new charm proc system since its not useful in combat, but alas.  Perhaps this should just get the trap destruction added in a shorter radius too.  Or Blind.  Or something.
    Shielding:  Shields yourself and allies in radius 10.  Basically just a different flavor of healing.
    (Charm procs)
    Powerful:  Increase all damage by x for 2 turns.
    Focusing:  Reduce x talent cooldowns by 2.
    Extending:  Increase the duration of x beneficial effects by y.
    Soothing:  Heal for x (mindcrit).
    Cleansing:  Cleanse x bleed, disease, or poison debuffs.
    Innervating:  Reduce fatigue by x% for 2 turns.
    Penetrating:  Gain x% damage penetration for 2 turns.
    See merge request !475
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