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    TE4 - T-Engine 4
    Copyright (C) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Nicolas Casalini

    No permission to copy or replicate in any ways.

#ifndef __TE4WEB_H__
#define __TE4WEB_H__

#ifdef __cplusplus
/* C++ compiler needs to make this a C API. */
#if defined( _WIN32 )
/* Windows needs this to be a DLL, so be sure to export. */
#define WEB_TE4_API extern "C" __declspec( dllexport ) 
/* Non-windows platforms are fine linking statically. */
#define WEB_TE4_API extern "C"
/* C compiler is using this header. */
#define WEB_TE4_API

WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_setup(
	int argc, char **argv, char *spawn,
	void*(*mutex_create)(), void(*mutex_destroy)(void*), void(*mutex_lock)(void*), void(*mutex_unlock)(void*),
	void*(*make_texture)(int, int), void (*del_texture)(void*), void (*texture_update)(void*, int, int, const void*),
	void (*key_mods)(bool*, bool*, bool*, bool*),
	void (*web_instant_js)(int handlers, const char *fct, int nb_args, WebJsValue *args, WebJsValue *ret)
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_initialize();
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_do_update(void (*cb)(WebEvent*));
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_new(web_view_type *view, int w, int h);
WEB_TE4_API bool te4_web_close(web_view_type *view);
WEB_TE4_API void *te4_web_toscreen(web_view_type *view, int *w, int *h);
WEB_TE4_API bool te4_web_loading(web_view_type *view);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_focus(web_view_type *view, bool focus);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_inject_mouse_move(web_view_type *view, int x, int y);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_inject_mouse_wheel(web_view_type *view, int x, int y);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_inject_mouse_button(web_view_type *view, int kind, bool up);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_inject_key(web_view_type *view, int scancode, int asymb, const char *uni, int unilen, bool up);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_download_action(web_view_type *view, long id, const char *path);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_reply_local(int id, const char *mime, const char *result, size_t len);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_load_url(web_view_type *view, const char *url);
WEB_TE4_API void te4_web_set_js_call(web_view_type *view, const char *name);