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#ifndef INET_H 
#define INET_H 
* Internet domain functions
* LuaSocket toolkit
* This module implements the creation and connection of internet domain
* sockets, on top of the socket.h interface, and the interface of with the
* resolver. 
* The function inet_aton is provided for the platforms where it is not
* available. The module also implements the interface of the internet
* getpeername and getsockname functions as seen by Lua programs.
* The Lua functions toip and tohostname are also implemented here.
* RCS ID: $Id: inet.h,v 1.16 2005/10/07 04:40:59 diego Exp $
#include "lua.h"
#include "socket.h"
#include "timeout.h"

#ifdef _WIN32
#define INET_ATON

int inet_open(lua_State *L);

const char *inet_trycreate(p_socket ps, int type);
const char *inet_tryconnect(p_socket ps, const char *address, 
        unsigned short port, p_timeout tm);
const char *inet_trybind(p_socket ps, const char *address, 
        unsigned short port);

int inet_meth_getpeername(lua_State *L, p_socket ps);
int inet_meth_getsockname(lua_State *L, p_socket ps);

#ifdef INET_ATON
int inet_aton(const char *cp, struct in_addr *inp);

#endif /* INET_H */