• 1.6.7 Misc Vaults
    *Reduces the amount of vaults spawning in prides to approximately pre-pride rework levels (1 to 2 vaults per floor on average compared to 3 to 4 in current)  
    *Adds four new vaults, one for each pride, which can only appear in the pride they're designed for at about a 25-33% spawn rate over a whole game  
    *Give Grushnak pride orc base types -30% all damage when randbosses. These form perfect storm combos startlingly often with reworked prides involving combat trainer orc randbosses. Currently, >2k hits in a single turn are a frequent occurence from grushnak orc randbosses  
    *Modifies the worms vault to make it more rewarding and less out of depth; also adds dry lake of nur to its possible spawn locations  
    *Minor changes to forest ruined building 2 and collapsed tower vaults to make them more interesting  
    See merge request !612
    DarkGod authored
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