- Shoob for many NPCs, much playtesting and ideas
- Madmonk for much playtesting and ideas
- Jules Bean for his help on the OpenGL code and quite a few other things, mac builds & support
- Neil Stevens for a Mac build
- Brian Jeffears for texts revisions
- Ralph Versteegen for texts revisions
- Greg Wooledge for texts revisions
- Shani for various code
- Antagonist for OpenGL support and opengl shaders
- Reenen Laurie for work on the musics, locating and choosing them
- Graziel for many patches, notably great UI improvments
- Susramanian for many ego items, quests, ...
- Eric Wykoff for classes, items, ...
- Yufra for all his AI work and various other things
- Benli for classes, zones, ...
- Hetdegon for Arena and other such nice things
- Tiger Eye for auto-explore and FOV code
- PureQuestion for npcs and artifacts
- Hachem Muche for many patches and scaling issues
- Dekar for artifacts, debug help (slave? ;> ), icons, ...
- Shibari for artifacts and talents balancing
- Sage Acrin

- Darren Grey
- Burb Lulls
- Gwai
- Ron Billingsley

- Shockbolt (Raymond Gaustadnes)
- Rexorcorum (Assen Kanev)
- Suslik (Alex Sannikov) for his awesome shaders

- "A lomos del dragón blanco" by Carlos Saura (
- "Anne_van_Schothorst_-_Passed_Tense.ogg" by Anne van Schothorst (
- Nearly every other songs by Celestial Aeon Project (

- Vera*:
- SVBasicManual: //
- FSEX300:
- square: Wouter van Oortmerssen:

- The good people at who made the world a better place
- J.R.R. Tolkien who made the (real) world an interresting place

Also a big general thanks to the whole ToME community which is always very nice, polite, supporting, full of marvelous ideas and great people!